Dr. Manaf Agha

Dr. Manaf Agha

Professor a c Master Laser Dentistry Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Rome
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Dr. Agha received his DDS degree in 1996 from Aleppo University in Syria. He is a private practitioner and a senior lecturer based in Dubai. He pursued postgraduate studies in periodontology and achieved a Master's in Laser Dentistry from the Medical University of Vienna. Since 2016 he has been a Ph.D. researcher at Charles University, Department of Stomatology, in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Dr. Agha has been Head of the laser research unit at Ajman University, UAE, since 2007 to date, and teaches laser and modern technology to 5th-year students and post-graduates. He is a former Chairman of the Science and Research Committee of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. He is a co-founder and former secretary-general of the International Academy for Laser Education, Vienna, Austria, and President of the Academy for Laser Education (ALE), UAE branch. Dr. Agha is an international speaker in laser dentistry, and has contributed to two books in dentistry: Microinvasive Dentistry by John J. Graeber‚ and Principles and Practice of Laser Dentistry (forthcoming 3rd Edition) by Robert A. Convissar.


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