Dr. Eugenia Anagnostaki

Dr. Eugenia Anagnostaki



Dr. Anagnostaki graduated from Hamburg University Dental School and is working in private practice in Rethymno (Crete-Greece).

She has been involved in laser dentistry since 2002 using first Er:YAG, and then KTP, Er:Cr,YSGG and CO2, as well as diode lasers of various wavelengths.


  • Mastership of the Society of Oral Laser Applications (SOLA International)
    • Academy of Laser Dentistry Fellow
    • Standard Proficiency of ALD, Associate Fellowship WCLI Erbium / Diode
    • Master Laser Course in Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry
    • Master Laser Course in Periodontal Surgery And Aesthetic Tissue Management
    • 1-Year CE Program in Aesthetic Dentistry at the New York University
    • Certified Cerec – User

Dr. Anagnostaki holds a MSc degree in Laser Dentistry (University of Genova 2014) and was a member of the teaching faculty at the same University from 2015 to 2020. She has authored and co-authored various scientific papers and is currently conducting a PhD research at De Montfort University - UK.



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