Dr. Ashish Parmar

Dr. Ashish Parmar




Ashish B Parmar




I am a caring and dynamic dentist committed to excellence in dentistry. I have a wealth of clinical, management and business skills within the field of dentistry.




  • Running successful private dental practices.


  • Comprehensive training and knowledge in Smile Design, general and advanced restorative dentistry, implants, fibre dentistry and laser dentistry.


  • Lecturing nationally and internationally on Cosmetic Dentistry, Occlusion, Leadership, Marketing and Creating the Ultimate Dental Practice.


  • Appearing in national media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV (one of the most featured dentists on the popular TV programme Extreme Makeover UK). Also been featured on a 14-minute feature on ITV’s This Morning program as well as having treated two celebrities on the TV programme The Only Way Is Essex. Other programmes include Bodyshockers and Channel 5 News.


  • Set up of “Smile Design By Ash” in January 2011, a state-of-the-art private dental practice in Chigwell, Essex (see www.smiledesignbyash.co.uk).


  • Setting up The Academy By Ash and running various Courses, including the annual 8-day Hands On Restorative, Aesthetic & Occlusion Course for dentists that want to move to the next level (www.theacademybyash.co.uk).





  • Qualified at Guy’s Hospital (London) in December 1991.
  • One year Vocational Training at a modern practice in Chingford, London.
  • Associate Dentist positions at Chingford and Enfield practices (1992/1993).
  • Commencement of business partnership in September 1994 with Rahul Doshi; acquisition of Hornchurch Dental Practice (5 Surgery Practice).
  • Acquisition of second practice (Barnes Court Dental Practice) in 1997; sold a few years later.
  • Set-up of Hertford Practice in 2003 and re-branded as The Perfect Smile Studios.
  • Sold Hornchurch branch of Perfect Smile Studios in January 2008.
  • Ended Partnership in January 2010
  • Work as a part-time Associate at Perfect Smile Clinics in London
  • Set up of Smile Design By Ash in Chigwell, Essex, in January 2011




Cosmetic & Orthodontic Dentistry

  • Clinical Innovations 2-day Conference in London (17 & 18 May 2013)
  • UK Cerec Symposium in London (22-23 March 2013)
  • Understanding and Using Composites, two-day Module 2 (advanced) seminar with GC at Leuven, Belgium (17-18 January 2013)
  • Aesthetic Excellence Hands-On Course with Galip Gurel in Istanbul (8-9 June 2012)
  • Dentistry Live two-day conference with Independent Seminars in London (25-26 May 2012)
  • EverStick Fibre Course in Turku, Finland (11-12 May 2011)
  • 6 Month Smiles Level 1 two-day Course with Anoop Maine in London (Oct 2010)
  • Inman Aligner one day hands-on course with Tif Qureshi in London (16.10.10)
  • Enamel plus HRi Course by Optident on Anterior Composite Restorations

(San Fedele Intelvi, Italy with Dr Lorenzo Vanini) (24-25 July 2009)

  • Modern Aesthetic Dentistry for Daily Practice (Ivoclar International Training Centre in Schaan, Liechtensein) (9 February 2009)
  • Gradia Direct Composite Course with GC (Leuven, Belgium) (28-29 February 2008)
  • Metal-free Posterior Restorations (Dr. D Dietschi, Geneva) (14-15 December 2007)
  • Free-Hand Bonding in the Smile Frame (Dr. D Dietschi, Geneva) (12-13 December 2007)
  • AACD Annual Scientific Meeting, Atlanta, USA (15-19 May 2007)
  • State Of The Art Aesthetics (Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, Dr. Frank Spears) (6-8 April 2007)
  • The Esthetic Rehabilitation A Comprehensive Prosthetic Approach (Dr Mauro Fradeani) (2 June 2006)
  • BACD Annual Meeting (18-19 June 2005)
  • Speaker at Dentistry 2005 (audience of 800-1000 dentists) in Kerala, India

(29 January 2005)

  • Our second Aesthetic Hands-On Course (12-13 and 26-27 November 2004)
  • Set-up of The Perfect Smile Academy and successfully hosted our first Hands-On Smile Design Course (May and June 2004)
  • AACD Meeting in Vancouver (April 2004)
  • Assistant Instructor with Rosenthal Group (2003/2004)
  • The ‘Aesthetic Advantage’ Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum, Palm Beach, Florida (Dr. Larry Rosenthal & Dr. Jay Lerner) (MASTERS) (February 7 – 9 2003 and March 14 – 16 2003)
  • The ‘Aesthetic Advantage’ Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum, New York (Dr. Larry Rosenthal) (Level II) (October 11–13 2002 and November 8–10 2002)
  • Aesthetic update with Dr. George Freedman (Independent) (14–15 June 2002)
  • The Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum, London (Dr Larry Rosthental) (Level I) (January 2002)
  • Building the Ultimate Aesthetic Practice in General Dental Surgery (Dr. Larry Rosenthal) (21 December 2000)



  • The Digital Patient Consultation II (Dallas Dental Solutions, Dr Greg Lutke)

(10-12 February 2005)

  • The Digital Patient Consultation I and PowerPoint for Dental Speakers (Dallas Dental Solutions, Dr Greg Lutke) (9 February 2005)



  • Applied Anatomy Course with Dissection of Human Cadaver with Stuart Orton-Jones (Bristol, 22-23 January 2011)
  • ITI World Symposium in Geneva (15,16,17 April 2010)
  • ITI Live Skills Dental Implant Course with Jonathan Schofield (bath 8-12 March 2010)
  • An Overview of Implant Dentistry (Rainham with Highland View Dental Care)

(26 November 2008)

  • AAID Meeting in New York (3-7 November 2004)
  • Third World Congress of Osseointegration (Venice 21–24 February 2001)
  • ADI International Congress on Implant Dentistry (London) (31 March – 1 April 2000)
  • One year Implants Course at The Tatum Institute (Harpole) with Dr. Hilt Tatum and Stuart Orton-Jones (1999-2000)
  • Clinical Step-by-step Branemark Hands-On Implants Course at Eastman Dental Hospital (May 1997 – May 1998)



  • 2-day seminar on Hygiene (Dr. Ken James) (9-10 September 1998)


Occlusion / Restorative

  • Mastering T-Scan (Dental Training Institute, Chertsey with Dr Rob Kerstein)

(6 March 2008)

  • Complete Occlusion Management (Dr. Christopher Stevens, DTI) (20 September 2007)
  • Full Mouth Synergy Course with Hornbrook Group (3 separate trips to San Diego July-September 2007)
  • Occlusion in Clinical Practice (Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, Dr. Frank Spears) (21-23 May 2007)
  • Facially Generated Treatment Planning (Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, Dr. Frank Spears) (19-21 April 2007)
  • Ultimate Occlusion 3-day hands-on Course (David Hornbrook) (9-11 September 2006)
  • Complete Occlusion Management (Dr. Christopher Stevens, DTI) (15-16 March 2007)
  • Occlusion in the Clinical Practice (Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, Dr. Frank Spears) (11-13 August 2005)
  • A Day with Michael Wise (18 January 2003)
  • Excellence in Restorative Dentistry (Ellis Paul & Paul Tipton)
  • Advances in Crown and Bridge Techniques (14 March 1997)


Coaching / Practice Development

  • Building The Extreme Aesthetic Practice (BACD) (15 April 2005)
  • One-year coaching program with Dr. Bill Blatchford (commenced August 2004)
  • Hosted a two-day seminar with Cathy Jameson for dentists in London (September 2003)
  • 2-day seminar with Cathy Jameson, Queens Club (London) (Autumn 2002)
  • Dr. Paddi Lund one day seminar (Independent) (13 November 2000)



  • All Tissue Laser-Assisted Course (Hertford) (11-12 August 2008)
  • Versawave Hard Tissue Laser Course (Las Vegas Institute) (29-30 May 2008)
  • Versawave Hard Tissue Laser Training (Hertford, 7 February 2009)
  • SIROLaser Soft Tissue Laser Course (Bensheim (Sirona headquarters), Germany with Dr Adamsik) (22 February 2008)
  • Safe use of lasers in dentistry (Cambridge) (22 August 2002)



  • Radiography Update including IRR 1999 and IR (ME)R 2000 Regulations, 3-hour seminar with Temp dent at our Practice (4 February 2013)
  • Complaints Handling & Ethics Temp dent 3-hour seminar at our Practice (25 February 2013)
  • Infection Control lecture at our Practice by FMT Limited (19 September 2012)
  • Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults, 3 hours CODE seminar at our Practice (26 July 2012)
  • Basic Life Support Course, 2.5 hours at our Practice by A to E Training and Solutions (28 May 2012)
  • Pain diagnosis in endodontics with Andrew Hyatt (Forest section BDA evening lecture 16 July 2011)
  • Getting ready for CQC registration (CODE Course 23.10.10)
  • GSK Talking Points in Dentistry (Hilton Hotel, Watford) (12 May 2009)
  • CPR, Medical Emergencies, AED with Dental Buying Group (Hertford)

(10 April 2008)

  • Infection Control (London Department of Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education) (3 October 2007)
  • Dental Ethics & Law (London Department of Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education) (24 October 2007)
  • The Secrets of Case Acceptance (Steven Anderson) (3 March 2006)
  • Radiation Protection Update for Dentists (Department of Radiological Sciences, Keele University) (23 November 2005)
  • Adult Basic Life Support (13 May 2005)
  • Air and Fluid Abrasion (Velopex Seminar) (11 September 2002)
  • National Young Dentist Conference at Alton Towers Hotel (25 September 1999)
  • Basic Supervision Course (April 1997)
  • Advanced Practice Endodontics (Dr. Pitt Ford) (January 1997)




Practice Address:      Smile Design By Ash, 6 Chigwell Rise, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6AB

Work telephone:        0208 5000544

Mobile:                       07971 291180

E-mail:                        [email protected]

Interests:                    Golf, going to the gym, swimming and tennis. Spending quality time with my wife Jyoti, and our two children is important. I aim for a balanced life and also focus on spiritual development and helping a charity. We enjoy traveling and socializing with friends and family.



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