DU4: Digital tools to manage complex endodontics cases

DU4: Digital tools to manage complex endodontics cases Expired

Recent advances in diagnostic and digital assisted tools (such as CBCT, intra-oral scanning, 3D rendering, and printing) are allowing clinicians to make informed 
decisions to plan and manage complex endodontic cases such as teeth with complex root canal anatomy, separated instruments, pulp canal obliteration, proximity to neurovascular bundle. However, before utilizing these tools, clinicians should develop a basic understanding of the science behind them. In this lecture, the author will review the current status and recent progress in using these digital tools and their clinical applications. Furthermore, he will share recent data from his research group on improving the accuracy, efficacy, and safety of these digital tools.

🌙By attending this lecture, the audience will be able to:

1- Discuss the digital tools involved in planning and managing complex endodontic cases.
2- Compare the different advanced techniques developed to assess canal morphology and anatomical structures at the site of surgical procedures.
3- Discuss the use of the data generated through CBCT and intra-oral scanners to design endodontic stents.
4- Understand the factors that affect the accuracy, efficacy, and safety of endodontic guide.
5- Discuss the concept of guided endodontics

Our Speakers

Prof. Mohamed Jamal

Prof. Mohamed Jamal



DU4: Digital tools to manage complex endodontics cases

15:00 – 18:30


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